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I slowly opened my eyes and glanced around in my usual morning confusion. To my right was my brother, lying comfortably on the ground after last night’s slumber party. As the door opened, my father approached us with the foreign look of tension on his face and mumbled us a good morning.



It’s a bright and sunny Monday afternoon, but the members of the Carlsbad High School (CHS) Team REACH Club are not lounging at the beach. Our team is in Room 501 at our neighborhood middle school, chatting and laughing with our little buddies, the middle school students.



When it comes being born with a special talent, I struck out harder than I did back in peewee T-ball. I couldn't do a full split, I lacked the voice of an angel, and I certainly couldn't awe crowds of people with a flawless recital of Beethoven's third symphony.



I won the lottery of life by being born into a world where I could be properly fed and clothed at all times. I live in a loving and supporting community, where education is so top notch that I sometimes take it for granted.

Ask for Help


I dropped my backpack onto my bed and ran to my phone. I answered on the very last ring and burst into a detailed explanation of my day only to hear sobs.



Trembling with all her disappointment and anger, she hides her face behind her knees. It seems like she will explode if anyone dares to touch her.

Never Give Up


As life starts from the day we start to take the air or the breath that GOD has given to us,our purposes and reasons live start over.Everything has its own reason,anything that we perceive, see and touch.As i grew older started when i was little, I asked my own self for who I am.i wasn't just pla



I sit on the edge of the rink, on top of the wall where the hockey benches are, looking out across the ice at the couples, the children, the parents. It’s getting colder not skating. A young girl, probably six or seven, skates by dressed in a warm fuzzy pink sweater holding her fathers hand.


What I’ve Been Up To Since I Left School by Rivers Cuomo

Black Band


E-V-I-L are the letters which label the black band that I wear on my left wrist. That's rights Evil- bad, mean, harsh- but look at the word again. Sideways, front wards, upside down and even backwards, that's right backwards L-I-V-E.


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