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I slowly opened my eyes and glanced around in my usual morning confusion. To my right was my brother, lying comfortably on the ground after last night’s slumber party. As the door opened, my father approached us with the foreign look of tension on his face and mumbled us a good morning.



It’s a bright and sunny Monday afternoon, but the members of the Carlsbad High School (CHS) Team REACH Club are not lounging at the beach. Our team is in Room 501 at our neighborhood middle school, chatting and laughing with our little buddies, the middle school students.



The day my dad took me to my first tabla class 7 years ago I remembered feeling resentment over the fact that he couldn’t just sign me up for soccer or swimming or even a ballet class. Yes he did indeed say that I could quit anytime but said I needed to at least try it.



When it comes being born with a special talent, I struck out harder than I did back in peewee T-ball. I couldn't do a full split, I lacked the voice of an angel, and I certainly couldn't awe crowds of people with a flawless recital of Beethoven's third symphony.

Ask for Help


I dropped my backpack onto my bed and ran to my phone. I answered on the very last ring and burst into a detailed explanation of my day only to hear sobs.



Even before I was born, my parents helped shape the world I would live in. My parents instilled in me the values that would make me successful. When I was barely in diapers they held education above anything else in life.



I gently press down on the button, keeping my finger in place as I listen to the mechanical twists and turns and wait for the beep. Once I hear the familiar sound, I press down once again and hear the quick snap of the shutter, and within seconds I am looking at a photograph.

Above the Lights


Recount an incident or time when you experienced failure. How did it affect you, and what lessons did you learn?



Have you ever gotten so into a film that you forget where you are or what you are doing? Several times since junior year of high school I have been so engrossed by a movie that I’ll transform into the fictional character on the screen, and forget all about [Name], the 17 year old watching me.

The Cognitive Wheels on the Bus


It’s four o’clock in the morning and I’m sitting on a school bus.

Should be halfway there, I think to myself. One more hour? I close my eyes and silently review ideal gas laws in my head.


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