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A strong college application essay is often earnest. It does not seem coached; nor is it overly ambitious in scope.



It’s a bright and sunny Monday afternoon, but the members of the Carlsbad High School (CHS) Team REACH Club are not lounging at the beach. Our team is in Room 501 at our neighborhood middle school, chatting and laughing with our little buddies, the middle school students.



The day my dad took me to my first tabla class 7 years ago I remembered feeling resentment over the fact that he couldn’t just sign me up for soccer or swimming or even a ballet class. Yes he did indeed say that I could quit anytime but said I needed to at least try it.



When it comes being born with a special talent, I struck out harder than I did back in peewee T-ball. I couldn't do a full split, I lacked the voice of an angel, and I certainly couldn't awe crowds of people with a flawless recital of Beethoven's third symphony.

Freezing Water


"Why would you give up that little piece of heaven for a brutal, breath-robbing brainfreeze?!", my logical brain shouted utterly irritated. Against all odds, I slowly twisted the shower faucet all the way to the right. The watch on my wrist showed 6:03 am, November 2.

Fear of Failing


I nervously ripped open the purple, crinkly bag of Welch’s fruit snacks and proceeded to shove them in my mouth. The chew of the fruit snacks against my teeth, the sweetness, the contractions in my salivary glands from the tanginess: these feelings were bliss. But then, I finished the bag.



Have you ever gotten so into a film that you forget where you are or what you are doing? Several times since junior year of high school I have been so engrossed by a movie that I’ll transform into the fictional character on the screen, and forget all about [Name], the 17 year old watching me.

Little Triumphs


“You’re up” said the event coordinator. I was at one of my school’s café nights. This one, however, wasn’t just another café night. Well, at least for me. It was the night when I decided to ask a girl for prom date with my first solo singing performance. It was a scary thought.

Who am I?


Who am I? Q question that gets down from my years of existence to the time being where I can say the present. Some people would have to say something about who i am? People whom I have not just encountered but have shared memories and even dreams.



Trembling with all her disappointment and anger, she hides her face behind her knees. It seems like she will explode if anyone dares to touch her.



Eight years ago when I told my parents that I wanted to study in China, my parents were surprised. Being the only child of the family and living as a minority, I was used to communicate intensely with myself. Like many other kids my age, I was quiet, reluctant to express my own opinions.


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