Who Am I?

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Many people ask me, who am I, I’m a hardworking student who has a goal to accomplish. My goal is to become a doctor. I had this goal since I was a kid, even though I don’t remember why I wanted to become one. The reason that I believe I want to become a doctor is to help people, when they are feeling bad and down. I work hard when it comes to reaching my goal so when I get to the end result I can have the best of life.

I have the greatest ability to procrastinate on anything that is giving to me; it’s like a second nature to put things off. But when I actually do the work that was giving, it is done right. I am dependable; I was captain of my high school track team and I was a leader in my high school band. It was imperative that I was there to help show them what to do and lead them on to better themselves.

My greatest accomplishment would be that I made honor roll ever since I was in elementary school. I have been hard at work to keep this record going. Even though I made the Principals list only twice throughout those years I worked hard to meet that standard. When high school came around most people said it would be hard to make honor roll but I really noticed no change. It was like middle school with a different setting and more people. So, the question was, who am I? I am a boy with a big dream and a person who has taken big steps to reach it. My experiences have made me who I am today, a hard worker and dependable person, but I also know how to have fun and enjoy the small things. Who am I? I am [name].